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College of Thelema


A Tribute to Phyllis Seckler

Friends and students of the late Phyllis Seckler (Soror Meral), members of the general Thelemic community in Japan, and their friends, are invited to attend a night of celebration and contemplation on her life, work, and teachings.

The College of Thelema, in cooperation with the Thelemic League, will be holding a Night unto Nuit on Friday, 18 June 2004 e.v. at The Museum Sacred Space in Ogikubo. The event will begin at 6:00pm and conclude at 9:00pm. The party will be hosted by Frater Hagios Xao (Joe Larabell); a longtime friend and student of Phyllis Seckler, former Master of the Baphomet Lodge, OTO in Los Angeles, current Grand Cancellarius of the Temple of Thelema, and a director of the California-based College of Thelema.

The event will be much more than just a party and get-together in Phyllis' honor. Besides a short presentation on her life and times, the organizers will attempt to re-create the atmosphere of Soror Meral's traditional "Night unto Nuit," held as part of her annual COT seminar in Oroville, California Truly, a once in a lifetime event no Thelemite would want to miss.

Please note that reservations are required for ALL participants and must be made by email before 5:00pm on the 17th to: rsvp@thelema.org. Also be advised that the organizers reserve the right to bill any and all no-shows.



Night unto Nuit: A tribute to Phyllis Seckler


The College of Thelema in collaboration with The Thelemic League


Friday, 18 June 2004 e.v.


6:00pm to 9:00pm JST


The Museum Sacred Space, Ogikubo (Marunochi Subway Line terminus) Map

Who is invited:

Students of Soror Meral, Thelemites, and their guests


5000 yen per personm, payable at the door
(excess proceeds will be donated to the College of Thelema, a California non-profit religious corporation)
Participants should also bring one bottle of wine to share.

"Be goodly therefore: dress ye all in fine apparel; eat rich foods and drink sweet wines and wines that foam!"
-- Liber AL vel Legis


Email: rsvp@thelema.org.

Event Schedule:


Doors open / reception


Presentation on Soror Meral


Reading of Soror Meral's poem "Reincarnation" and other recitation, as appropriate


Feasting, food and drink


event ends (possible "nijikai" nearby)