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  • A place to be less intellectual.

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    There are adorations and annunciations to the Feminine and Daughter, but they are privileged. 😉

  • Per user request, here is a place to discuss dream interpretation.

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    Really cool Stef, thank you! I will experiment with this. 😄

  • Q&A and discussion on the Path of Initiation

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  • Q&A and discussion on the world view encapsulating humanity's current stage of evolution

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    ..."But I needed a person with similar goals and interests to monitor my progress and confirm if I had done the work as thoroughly as possible. It was with great good fortune that James Eshelman was taking an O.T.O. grade when I was visiting a fine O.T.O. person in Southern California. Jim immediately found an interest in what I was doing and opted to travel to my home in Dublin in Northern California for instructions and conferences. He was visiting only for about the third time when I knew he was to be my successor. In the many years that followed we helped each other to do the mandated A:.A:. work and, here was the person to monitor what I was working on and to give me encouragement and also advice. I did the same for him, of course. In our work, I had the assistance of the H.G.A. when needed."

    —In the Continuum Vol. V, No. 10

    May Light Be Extended Upon All.

  • Q&A and discussion on the Hermetic Qabbalah

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    I came to the forum after long-time-no-see with a question in mind to post and randomly checked here in Qabalah section to see what's new - to find this old thread that addresses, however in its own different way, exactly the subject of my question !

    Does anyone know (ideally, historical info, with year/century and everything pertinent) when the Shemhamphorash started being attributed to the Zodiac, in sequence as we now have it?

  • Q&A and discussion on yoga and other avenues of mysticism

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    @Uni_Verse said

    "The Mystics' Rede (of I)

    four-square, mystic,
    I am a Nigh-hil-is-tic!
    Who can know nothing,
    there : being, no
    thing to know

    Though I dare
    O, my god !
    To feel, to think, to be-leaf

    When, said:
    "This is THAT,"
    I recoils, horrified
    At the denial of my validity
    Sanctity of my solemn-I-ty
    Accepting, Respecting
    Best I can do as a fellow Me
    to You


    ❤ ❤ ❤

    Reading this just brought Brightness of Laughter, pure-undiluted-solar-simple-Happiness, to start my day!

  • Q&A and discussion on ceremonial magick

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    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law,

    Some argue survival IS adaptation.

    I see this was posted a few years ago, so I’m sorry if this doesn’t have the same relevance; but just in case &/or for others,

    I’v felt this same plea many times. Or at least, your words bring up recurring feelings I relate to. Not only have I always felt a sense of being at-odds with my environment; I’v moved quite a few times, wondering how to adapt. So I can’t help but share.

    Currently in Oregon, US, I live in a valley higher(ish) in elevation, against forested mountains. The towns have populated and grown into each-other so is pretty urbanized, not “out-there.” And this is the first time I chose to move solely based on circumstance. Iv always had (relative) difficulty with finances; chasing breaking-even.

    Adaptation is an alchemical process I personally liken to gardening. My spiritual practices–next to this physical correspondence I can engage with in the same world I am questioning–is how I have coped, now & in the past. They give immediately, material to observe & work with; adaptation becomes the side-effect. Did the whale really “try” to lose its limbs and push its nostrils above its skull? We can definitely say the cetacean tried to swim & never stopped.

    There are great anchors and vistas through the path when perseverance heads the course–
    –and as many have attested; Pearls of Wisdom (James Eshelman) has some particular nuggets of sheer gold that never cease to surprise. Meditations, practices, rituals, the breakdown of human-nature in relation to ritualistic value. These spiritual practices ground & sharpen my senses & concentration, my imagination & passion; and these are all we really have to interact & effect our universe about us & within us.

    A famous principle of Permaculture:
    “The Problem is the Solution.”
    I.e. I have legs for land & no mammal can swim far, but the most food freely swims in the ocean; to freely swimming, I become the largest, undisturbed mammal ever to live.

    Generally I only see a magickal act, or expression of my will, as an intentional action which produces a beneficial result–usually near or right in line with my intent.
    And so the adaptations necessary come to light next to the unintentional (“unmagickal” if-you-like) actions.
    Adaptations that supply security and fulfillment are definite expressions of my will. Habits and experiments are lessons to be learned from.

    Love is the law, love under will.
    L L
    L L

  • Threads that appear to be off-topic to the overall forum. (This is an alternative to deleting them outright.) Threads auto-delete after people stop replying.

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    Ave de Prata began out-and-out spamming the board (in the classic and usual sense of the word "spam").

    Therefore, having already two warnings, I'm treating him as any other identified spammer: Deleting his account, blocking access, and wiping all of his posts.

  • Scriptural meditations of the day from the Thelemic canon, with primary emphasis on Liber LXV, Liber VII, and Liber CCXX. (Meditations with no responses after 2 days will be deleted - we want to encourage ACTIVE DISCUSSION.)

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    @Takamba said

    "When Volume II of the Equinox was supposed to come out, there was nothing for Crowley to offer (lack of money and whatnot plus maybe other things). Crowley dubbed Volume II of the Equinox "The Volume of Silence."

    What a pun!

    Anyway. He claimed in one writing or another to have taken it up as an A.'.A.'. tradition. I don't remember if it is supposed to be one year or five years of silence. I am suspecting that Jim has adopted this tradition and it is why we haven't heard from him in so long (this is all assumption at this point). Let's hope it's one year and not five."

    In addition to the Holy Books of Thelema, I would recommend Crowley's "Confessions" as required reading. Read "The Confessions of Aleister CrowleY" and "John St. John". (Not necessarily directed towards Takamba) Reading those two texts/books will integrate your brain with Crowley's thinking. I would say that such reading is more important than anything Abramelin ever wrote... Compare the Abramelin technique with what I suggested in my Psalms of an Aeon (stupid, ridiculous title) #20. It's all about increased devotion. Devotion is just thought, belief, dogma, rubbish. True devotion represents a diminishment of thought so that thought becomes one-pointed, and then through that one-pointedness the mind subsides and all that is left is awareness. HGA?

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    @danica said

    @AliceKnewI said
    "I notice that the sun rays curve as if it were rotating widdershins - counterclockwise. Why would that be?
    I would have expected Deosil - "sunwise"

    Any insights for this?"

    this is how it appears the Zodiac is moving on daily basis (diurnal Earth rotation), what we see from earth"

    Oh, thanks so much!

    93 93/93