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Q&A and discussion on ceremonial magick

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  • Adaption to Enviorment and Will

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  • Formation of the Mind

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    The mind is formed by way of underlying tendency. Vasanas they are called in Sanskrit. The mind is like an ocean and thoughts are its body and the tendencies are the laws that create change and sway it. This is why concentration is vital to yoga practice whose aim is nirvikalpa samadhi. It silences the tendencies, though that takes discipline and perseverance. The nature of the magical circle is silence. I've said before that silence is the safeguard of all magical and mystical work. Choronzon functions by way of belief ("I am I"), its medium is the substratum of the Abyss (Da'at, knowledge). Silence bypasses all of that, for how can belief take form where there is no means to do so?

    This is why all good mystics are aware (note the pun) that their own beliefs are ultimately false or counterfeit. They are but an inferior derivation of the divine intuition, who speaks not in words; the Neschama. Just don't mix the planes! 😉

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    I think we are all ready doing that.

    As part and parcel to Nuit,
    THAT which has been divided,
    Naturally flows back to the source.

    0 becomes 1,
    a single verse becomes many;
    Each beckoned, two
    spin , turn, face
    "The Sun"
    Praise IT, Tell IT
    What has been done !

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    I find that by taking the perspective we are dealing with Feminine/Masculine principles,
    rather than a Male/Female manifestation thereof resolves the conflict.

    Perhaps the flesh bits dangling , or not, between legs allows a person to resonate better with certain principles,
    In a ritual context the image presented could be said to supersede the identify of the individual.

    So, a "male human" might provide a better costume for the role, but, in a sense, you should be "ignoring the *body" in a ritual context.

    *EDIT: changed tense of a word, and person to body

  • Lon Duquette threatens Spirits?

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    Assuming they are "beings":
    Maybe, that is how they choose to communicate ?
    Howls, yells, broken dinner plates...
    -IF_, the submissive WANTS to be spanked,
    is it a punishment or an instance of dominance ?
    Over the one claiming to have POWER

  • Theory of Divination

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    I see the Tarot as a means of initiating a dialogue with the "Unconcious."
    Which is not fooled by "facing things down."
    Though you could as easily use pennies (ART)

    The "science" part comes in doing it over and over and over and over and over via a consistent method, establishing proper communication.

  • Alchemical Operations resource

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  • Sword and Wand-Air and Fire?

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    @christibrany said

    "Can someone explain basically why swords couldn't be earth, esp. as they include primarily earth minerals/metal?"

    Hmmm.... how shall I speak truth and be certain it won't become lie to the ear under-developed to such things? The sword unfortunately can cut both ways. Training in swordsmanship is required by the SCA swordsmith who along with my witness and touch crafted my first sword for me. He doesn't sell swords, he makes them and sells them only after you participate in three hours (three days, one hour each) training in handling the sword - because it litterally will cut both ways.

    Symbols are indeed arbitrary. Create your own if you like. Test them out. See what happens. But the symbolism of the sword representing the mind (tarot) which includes reasoning, philosophy, law and order topics, opinions, facts, mentality, is a very good choice as is. The disk, or pentagram, is a great symbol for Earth because of the paten; the dish that holds the wafer of the Eucharist is the Bringing to Earth the Spirit Made Flesh. Oh, and coins are nothing but materialism. So there's that.

    But as I said, it's all arbitrary. We chose them, they didn't arrive this way. Experiment as thou wilt and then observe the report.

  • "Whare Ra Pentagram Ritual"

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    Have you read pages 6-19 from the link you provided?

  • Hekas, hekas este bebeloi

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    Some people say haykawss, but otherwise no. That said I suspect a Greek scholar might have something to say.

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    @danica said

    @FiatYod said
    "If I remember correctly, some say that the Book of Abramelin was originally written in German, and others say it was written in Hebrew.
    However, all the copies I could find online are in English.
    Does any of you have a copy of it in German or in Hebrew? Where can I get it from?


    This seems to be a bilingual Hebrew-German edition:"

    Sounds promising, but there's no preview. I guess it's in German, with Hebrew words here and there (like many magick-related books in English use Hebrew when necessary).

  • Please Help

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    The best way to find out how a mudra works is - perform it 😄 That is, abide in the position, with observant approach, noting the specific energy flow or whatever sensations/experience you have. ( and the same, of course, goes for a sequence of positions or mudras)

  • Hitler and Master Therion

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    @Ab-ul-Az said

    "I understand it's quite hard for most Western white people to overcome all the systematic propaganda and even spiritual enslavement done by the Demiurge of the Jews, which they've been fed with night and day, but for us Arabs it's probably easier as we've been fighting with this monster on physical and spiritual planes for ages, join us with the blessings of Ra-Hoor-Khuit! 😄"

    I am utterly amazed and grateful for the contributions of Jewish culture throughout the world. What an extraordinary culture. Perhaps modern liberals or wingnuts get confused between the actions of Israel as a political state as opposed to the Jewish culture historically speaking.

    I'm a bit miffed that wonderful underground ideas and systems such as Thelema are being opted in by far right wing nuts who are not proud of their race or culture, they are just proud about their anger.

    Unless I'm mistaken, 93 means, and always will, unconditional love.

    If there is no love in your worldview, I think you're far removed from Thelema at this point.

    And unless I'm mistaken, there are hordes of asshole arab and israeli politicians, manipulating their bases to hold on to their power, often by dehumanizing the other side. Funny part is they don't realize they are both on the same side the whole time.

  • Need serious help with Ritual

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    I think you are repressing Lacan's object a. Object a is "a void presupposed by a demand." This is your jealousy. Object a is connected with semblance and representation.

    There is no discourse that is not a semblance, there is no Other of the Other, there is no such thing as a sexual relationship.

    The discourse that might not be a semblance is "There is no discourse that is not a semblance."

    The sexual relationship doesn't stop not being written. This is your repression.

    Given the whole and the not-whole, the universe is the place in which, due to the fact of speaking, everything succeeds- that is, succeeds in making the sexual relationship fail in the male manner.

    From the ladies' side, it is on the basis of the elaboration of the not-whole that one must break new ground. Were there another jouissance than phallic jouissance (feminine jouissance), it shouldn't be/could never fail to be that one. This jouissance speaks, and the first effect of speaking is that is speaks of something else. It makes you capable of serving some purpose, since you don't know how to enjoy otherwise than to be enjoyed or duped, because it is the jouissance that shouldn't be/could never fail.

    There is no such thing as a sexual relationship and there is no Other of the Other.

    The Real cannot be written. There is no discourse that is not a semblance. The Real is impossible. The Real of jouissance is impossible.

    Of interest may be Lacan's four discourses, notably hysteria and the master's discourse:

  • Shew-Stone of Crowley (418)

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    Yeah, Jim said the stone was set in a cross on this forum once. I forgot about that.

    You will all be happy to know I have alchemically blended all 4 kinds of rock, including classic rock, into the ultimate seer's stone, set inside a giant inverse pentagram. When scrying, I see a lot of evil faces and whatnot. Is this normal for this kind of work?

    I wonder how many people do that kinda thing?


  • Heal Injury

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    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

    No one can find your True Will for you. No one can tell you more than where the map might be. And it's always changing (like Angel of Death says elsewhere, the Body is always changing). True is best understood in this context like used for a compass. True North. The globe is .... well, a globe.... and someone may be "east" on this globe and someone may be "west" on this globe, but when they both turn and face True Will, they're both "south."

    That may not make itself obvious right away, but essentially you're always south of True Will. (so many riddles)
    And you're always striving to or with it.
    You can't miss it, you can only struggle or no.
    And as I see it
    it isn't an "End."
    It's a Way.

    Love is the law, love under will.

  • Self-styled LBRP

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    "and a private one I will simply say "ROCKS!"

    this made me think of a cool one!
    (cues Over the HIlls and Far Away)

    and when I just opened my news feed I saw that a remaster of the Song Remains the Same will be reissued. 👌

  • The nature of Karma

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    @Angel of Death said

    @Nineborn said
    "How should i deal with resentment? Invasive thoughts about past betrayals ? Basically dealing with the past."

    When I have moments like this,
    moments when something in my day reminds me of something past

    I slap myself on the [censored] really hard and tell myself to wake the hell up and stop with the pity party and to put on my big girl panties and go kick some [censored] right now.

    Dude, I have a million and one reasons to wallow in shitty thoughts about things in the past.

    but that just a big ol waste of time.

    recognize that all that stuff you went through got you to where you are right now.
    you would not be the person you are if you hadnt gone through them
    they didnt kill you
    you are in a good place so be grateful for all that you do have look forward, not past."

    Yeah i hear what youre saying. Its really a matter of taking control of my own thoughts i suppose. Its my choice to linger on those thoughts if theyre triggered. Doesnt make it easy per se, but i guess theres no real escape from the responsibility of directing our thought currents.

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    LOL, I suppose they do take a variety of forms, even cartoons.

    Good point. I'll mention the LBRP to him and he can decide. He was keen on some of the simpler things I suggested.

    I feel an obligation to offer him guidance since he came to me specifically, knowing a little of my interests, and said he doesn't feel comfortable discussing it with anyone else outside of his therapist.

    Thanks for your comments.

  • First Ritual in Years

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    Ahh... I just found the mini-tapers ("spell candles") on the internet. That's makes WAY more sense. lol