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  • Discussion & announcements concerning "Pearls of Wisdom" by James A. Eshelman

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    Mr. Eshelman, I have a couple of questions on the meditation method described in this article:

    First one: Do I have to say the mantra in three beats with one beat for pause? It is easier for me to say it in four bits, like "He – Ru – Par - Kraat", or “He – Ru – Ra - Ha”, or “Ra – Hoor - Khu - It”. Second one: Do I understand correctly, the utterance of the mantra is accompanied by fourfold breathing? Or the breath pattern isn’t important here?

    I also want to ask you for some guidance on the fourfold breath technique itself! How to do it correctly? Are there any secrets? What does success in this practice look like? In books there are several different patterns of fourfold breath (for example, 4-4-4-4 - in Golden Dawn; 4-4//without hold – in Regardie’s “One Year Manual”; 4-2-4-2 – in W.E. Buttler’s and Gareth Knight’s books), but I ask for your experience and advice!

    Thank you!

  • Discussion & announcements concerning short books published by C.O.T. as free digital downloads

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    @Jim Eshelman said

    "We don't have faxes. (People still use those?) Sorry. - I suggest a different copy place.

    There's a FedEx at 200 S University Avenue. If they're like they are out here, you can walk in and do it yourself from a thumb drive."

    Ah, thanks for the tip! The OfficeMax is closest to my work, and I just assumed everywhere else would be the same. I'll have to give that a shot.

  • Discussion & announcements concerning "The Mystical & Magical System of the A.'.A.'."

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    @wanderer-exile said

    "Have you considered going the print-on-demand route."

    That would be completely against our underlying goal of producing the highest quality physical books, created to last a century.

    Thanks for your vote. It probably doesn't matter now (the question was asked years ago and I don't expect to have time to completely, top-to-bottom, rewrite and restructure the book in the next few years - it would be about a year of work if I had nothing else big on my docket.) I'd like to do some significant rewrite before I die, so I'll have have to plan not to die in the immediate future 😄

    It's out of stock, but being reprinted. I just asked the other day when the copies are due. This usually only takes a few weeks.

  • Discussion & announcements concerning "Visions & Voices: Aleister Crowley's Enochian Visions with Astrological & Qabalistic Commentary"

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    I’m struck with how Christian the symbolism of the aethyr sounds. I’m going to have to ponder that. I recall from a previous attempt at tackling this book that it won’t be the last time.

    I know tarot.
    I know astrology.
    I don’t know Enochian. (Well, I’ve pondered the structure of the tables, but that’s it.)

    I’m really impressed with the correspondence of the tarot symbolism with the letters inscribed on the cover of the first book. I must admit that’s as far as I have gotten.

    Okay. I know that the speaker is Crowley and that he is speaking for the Aethyr, but even within that, the perspective of the speaker seems to change in confusing ways. I’ll supply quotes later.

    Anyway. I’m taking another crack at this book after learning some astrology. I thought I’d put down my thoughts. Maybe open discussion.

  • Discussion & announcements concerning C.O.T. periodicals "In the Continuum" and "Black Pearl" (all available for FREE DOWNLOAD)

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    @bdc said

    "Currently reading itc3b.pdf, and pages 4 - 9, 12 - 13, and 18 - 19 appear to be missing. Are there and scans of these missing pages available anywhere? Many thanks!"


    I just started today to read some of them and just noticed about this when reading "THE TRUMPS OF THOTH AND PSYCHOLOGY".

    Those pdfs are an invaluable source of information, thank you Jim and Team.

  • Discussion & announcements concerning "776 1/2: Tables of Correspondences for Practical Ceremonial"

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    Thanks much, Jim. Your suggestion to get the answers from the angels themselves is probably the best bet.

  • Liber L with J.A.E. comments

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    This post was made by a former forum participant. As it is a reference to a source I have maintained the post for posterity.

  • C.O.T Publication to UK

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    @Jim Eshelman said

    "I understand the frustration! I've been aghast sometimes at what it costs to get these books to someone overseas.

    Go to and scroll to the bottom of the page. There is a customer service email link that will go to exactly the person who will have this information. I'd paste the email address here, except there is no faster way to turn an email address into an immediate spam trap than to post it online, so I'd prefer to just send you to the link,


    Thanks for the advice i'll get in touch straight away 😄 hopefully i'll have a copy of these books in the collection very soon!!

  • College of thelema publications

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    Thanks Jim. 93

  • C.O.T. Publication of Sepher Yetzirah

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    You may purchase Eshelman's translation and annotation of Sefer Yetzirah by using PayPal to send $6.50 (domestic) or $13 (international) to <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->. Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery on domestic orders.