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  • New York City group for women - Babalon Salon

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  • Locations of Temple of Thelema bodies

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    Harpocrates Temple No. 1
    PO BOX 1433
    Hawthorne, CA 90251

    Hathor Pronaos No. 7
    P. O. Box 81535
    1057 Steeles Ave West
    North York ON M2R 2S0

    Aiwass Temple No. 8
    PO Box 156
    New York, NY 10185

    Burning Hearts Pronaos No. 9
    195 41st St PO BOX 11194
    Oakland, CA 94611-9991

  • NEW - Sidereal Mundane Astrology ver. 8

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    @wanderer-exile said

    "Would this book aid me in interpreting my Sidereal Birth Chart?

    Thank you in advance."

    It's educative on the general principles of Sidereal astrology, but the book per se deals with astrology of the collective, not the individual, person-related Natal astrology.

    For inquiries into your natal chart, I suggest making an account at and posting your data; there's a community of astrologers there who can provide interpretation pointers and help you navigate the website, for resources to study further.

  • WELCOME VISITORS - New policy

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    @danica said

    "Jim, I see something new on the forum: a section named A.'. A.'. , it's a tab on the bottom, after the Public Discussion section, but I don't see any contents. "

    Incomplete and to be kept private when complete. Glad to know it's appearing just exactly as intended 😉

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    Hey, thanks for asking.

    We've made it a little more than halfway though the 30 visions, and have really been enjoying them. In teens of effect, they seen to be getting more powerful as we progress.

  • Terms of Agreement

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    @noctivagus said

    "You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, libelous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated, or any other material"

    There is a lot of pornlinks and sorts in some messenges. I sometimes sit at work and reading this forum and sometimes I click on a message without looking to much on its heading. Then wham I get a big [censored] or [censored] in my face and thank god no one hase been standing behind me. 😄
    try to explain that to you're boss. It's not what it looks like 😄"

    Like most forums, we get spammers here. I remove them as soon as I see them, and steps are taken to block their return (in addition to filtering that keeps many such links and images from ever reaching here in the first place). Nearly always these are in General Discussion. I regret they are here at all, and I recommend being more careful in reading the topic of a new thread (which usually gives an idea what you'll find inside) - especially when there are 0 responses and the poster's name is descriptive.

    And keep your finger on the Back key! 👿

    For example, at the moment General Discussion has a new thread called "A little more [censored] action" with 0 replies by someone named PPActionGuys. I already know what I'll find when I click inside. (Going to remove that one now, and do my first purge pass of the day.)